The BreathDirect™ BDR-19™ Ventilator

The BDR-19™ has received Emergency Use Authorization

The affordable, long term critical care ventilator designed and engineered for rapid COVID-19 response.

Purpose Built to Meet Demand

The BreathDirect™ BDR-19™ is the result of a core mission to build a critical care ventilator that can be rapidly deployed at a low price point, without sacrificing efficacy and utility. It offers maximum functionality in a minimally-sized device to meet a full range of patient ventilation requirements. It is a breakthrough system for medical facilities needing to resource critical-care ventilators in readiness for times of increased demand – and an optimal solution for COVID-19-related ventilator shortages in the U.S. and worldwide.


  • Full Function, Cost-Effective Ventilator
  • Designed for Long Term Critical Care 
  • Provides Full Continuum of Ventilatory Support
  • Functions as both an Invasive and Non-Invasive Ventilator
  • Mandatory and Assisted Ventilation
  • BPAP, PRVC, and PC-CMV Modes
  • Simple and Intuitive User Interface
  • Dependable, Safe and Easy to Learn and Operate
  • Designed and Built to Stringent FDA Standards
  • Allows for easy maintenance and long-term stockpiling
  • Engineered and Manufactured in the U.S.



The BreathDirect™ BDR-19 is built for critical care patient support and safety. The ventilator is compact and multi-capable, able to stay with a patient through each phase of their respiratory treatment. Built primarily for intensive care units, it can operate equally well in emergency wards, recovery rooms and for intermediate care, as well as for short-term intra-hospital transport.

Full Continuum of Respiratory Support

The BDR-19™ provides for a full continuum of ventilatory support. It can function as both an invasive or non-invasive ventilator, from basic oxygen support, to mask-delivered positive pressure, to advanced sedated and intubated ventilator assistance. Delivery modes can be fully mandatory or responsive to the body, and the system features an exhalation valve and built-in gas blender for control of the air/oxygen mix. Patient monitor data is displayed on an alphanumeric screen.


Because of the simple and intuitive user interface and three main operating functions, the BDR-19 is easy to set up and train on. Much consideration and clinical evaluation has been put into the dial-operated system. Utilizing tactile rotary knobs ensures the operator can see and recognize all settings at a glance, reducing the confusion and complexity of expensive touchscreen user interfaces with hidden controls and settings.

Breath Direct Vent Diagram 1920 Image
Economical, Innovative Design

What makes the BreathDirect™ BDR-19 so cost-effective is its strategic design. It incorporates a precise feature set that foregoes some of the most infrequently used operating parameters while minimizing expensive interface components that can make the system overly complex. This allows for a highly capable ventilator to be built from readily sourced components, dramatically lowering the price per unit compared to other ventilators on the market.


The BreathDirect™ BDR-19™ is a breakthrough medical device produced in adherence to strict medical guidelines and best practices. It was designed to meet all FDA 510K standards and protocols specific for ventilators – including 80601-2-80, and 80601-2-12, the standard for critical care ventilators which requires the incorporation of usability and human factors into the design. All stages of product development and production involve facilities and processes certified for the highest levels of quality control and regulatory oversight.

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