The BDR-19™ Critical-Care Ventilator

When All Care is Critical

The BDR-19™ has received Emergency Use Authorization

A first-of-its-kind, ICU-ready ventilator that’s affordable, portable and designed for simplicity.

Leveraging a combined 50 years of commercial ventilator experience, the BDR-19 ventilator is designed for ease of use in critically-ill patients in order to accommodate flexing of staff and space during times of surging demand.

Key functionality includes:

  • Full spectrum ventilatory support from critically-ill to recovering patients
  • Portable, with 4-hours of battery life
  • Short learning curve with all-controls-always-visible (ACAV™) user interface
  • Color-coded visual cues to map settings to selected mode of ventilation
  • No proprietary vent circuit required, to simplify sourcing and lower cost

COVID-19 has taught us all the importance of being prepared.

Unfortunately, we’re still battling the severity of this virus.  From the decision makers who expedited the building and distribution of ventilators, to the exhausted healthcare workers who are still laboring to save lives, the clinicians who quickly learned how to treat COVID-19 patients, and the millions impacted by this devastating virus, all are aware of how overwhelming this pandemic continues to be, and few should question the need to be fully prepared as it continues to impact us.

Unfortunately, the research suggests we are not.

Rethinking Readiness

As the CHEST study identified:  of the 140,000 ventilators now in the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS), almost half are basic breathing devices that don’t meet the minimum requirements needed to treat Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) – and only 10% are suitable for ICU use.

While vaccines bring some assurances that this current challenge is under control, government and medical leadership will need to revisit and re-evaluate the efficacy of stockpiled ventilators and readiness for future demands.

The BDR-19™ is a purpose-built solution for this.

Why the BDR-19™ Ventilator?

Respiratory specialists recommend that ventilators, including those in the SNS, should be suitable for severely ill patients such as those in the pandemic, and be easy to set up and initiate with user-friendly, intuitive interfaces that are quickly understood.

With many hospitals experiencing financial pressures – particularly considering the pandemic’s effects on curtailing elective procedures – they also need to be cost-effective.

The BDR-19™ answers all of the above.

Breath Direct Vent Intubation 960 Image

Adept, Adaptable and Affordable.

Compact, cost-effective and configured for a full continuum of ventilatory support, the BDR-19™ fills the void between minimally capable ventilators and expensive, overly complex machines.

Designed primarily for the ICU, it’s a first-of-its-kind, flexible and multi-faceted ventilator for use by acute-care clinicians with critically-ill patients in all acute-care settings – including intra-facility transport.

The BDR-19™ is the cost/capability choice for critical care settings.

Easy to Master, Mobilize and Maintain.

Medical staff can be confident the BDR-19™ can be mobilized quickly and operated confidently by medically qualified personnel, trained in the operation, and within the stated specification limits – vital in times of increased demand.

With a  simple, intuitive user interface and three main operating functions, the BDR-19™ is designed to be easy to set up and learn.* Utilizing tactile rotary knobs ensures the operator can see all settings at a glance – reducing the confusion and complexity of expensive  touchscreen interfaces with multiple levels and settings.

The BDR-19™ allows administrators to flex their critical care capacity without overwhelming staff.

* The BDR-19 ventilator has been demonstrated with a study of 10 users in an ICU environment to be easy for respiratory therapists & critical-care clinicians to learn to use, requiring as little as 10 minutes of training to learn to set-up & operate.

The BDR-19™ is a breakthrough system for medical facilities needing to resource critical-care ventilators in readiness for times of increased demand.

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