The BDR-19™ has received Emergency Use Authorization

Maximum Functionality in a Minimally-sized Device

  • Full Function, Cost-Effective Ventilator
  • Designed for Long Term Critical Care 
  • Provides Full Continuum of Ventilatory Support
  • Functions as both an Invasive and Non-Invasive Ventilator
  • Mandatory and Assisted Ventilation
  • BPAP, PRVC, and PC-CMV Modes
  • Can be used for intra-facility transport (2hrs)
  • Simple and Intuitive User Interface
  • Dependable, Safe and Easy to Learn and Operate
  • Designed and Built to Stringent FDA Standards
  • Allows for easy maintenance and long-term stockpiling
  • Engineered and Manufactured in the U.S.


Comprehensive Capabilities

The BDR-19™ is fully ICU-capable and provides a full spectrum of ventilatory support sufficient for any critically ill patient requiring invasive or non-invasive ventilation. 


Delivers the three most frequently used modes of ventilation, sufficient for even ARDS patients:

Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure (BPAP) – which includes a back-up rate – conforming to the highest critical care ventilator standards

Pressure Regulated Volume Controlled Ventilation (PRVC) – utilized to wean a patient from dependency on the ventilator.
Continuous Mechanical Ventilation (CMV)

The BDR-19™ Ventilator has an Internal Oxygen Blender so oxygen concentration can be set on the machine without an external device. 

The FIO2 control can be set at 21%, and from 30-100% in 10% increments. The FIO2 control is independent of other controls – which facilitates convenient, safe and effective use in the ICU critical care setting.

Full complement of Alarms including:

Operator, Adjustable, High and Low Tidal, Volume, Fixed Alarm, Low and High PEEP, Low and High Inspiratory Pressure, Rate, Mandatory Ventilation in BPAP-S/T mode

Special Alarms:

Mains Power Lost, Battery Low, Battery Critically Low, Loss of Internal Voltage, Loss of Gas Supply, Hardware Failure, Power Off While Ventilating, Power On Self-Test, Fault, Loss of Flowrate Signal During Ventilation, Speaker, Multitonal, High, Medium and Low Priority, Backup Buzzer, Single Tone, Hardware Fault

External Exhalation Valve

No proprietary vent circuit required and uses simple exhalation valve and paper-filter PM kit.

Cost Effective

The BDR-19 is fully ICU-capable with invasive and non-invasive modes at a price point below full-featured ICU vents. The per-patient cost of the BDR-19 is low and disposables procurement is stress free.

• Low aquisition cost
• Low per-patient cost
• Low cost for consumables

The BDR-19™ provides a viable alternative to expensive short-term ventilator rentals



The BDR-19™ has comprehensive capabilities but is easy to learn and operate.

  • User interface consists of only eight dials and a single segmented LED display.
  •  All controls are immediately visible and adjustable on one tactile surface with no multi-level touch screen menus to navigate and memorize.
  • Settings are clearly marked and set with tactile dials
  • Visual cues guide user through setting up the selected mode of ventilation – Color-coded LEDs indicate the key settings for adjustment relevant to each selected mode of ventilation.


The BDR-19™ is Compact and Lightweight with a Small Footprint – able to stay with a patient through each phase of their respiratory treatment. Built primarily for intensive care units, it can operate equally well in emergency wards, recovery rooms and for intermediate care, as well as for short-term intra-hospital transport.

  • Size: 415mm W x 368mm D x 243mm H.
  • Weight: 11.2Kg
  • Can be easily carried, placed beside a bed, in a transport vehicle or on a cart.
  • Can be deployed to any acute-care setting, even when bedside space is limited.
  • Facilitates ergonomic intra-facility transport of critically-ill patients.
  • Operates for 2 hours w/o wall power for intra-facility transport.
  • Optional roll-cart is available for counter-less use.



      Easily Maintained

      The BDR-19™ is simple to maintain and clean and provides stress-free disposables procurement. It resists contamination and is durable during heavy use and while in storage for extended periods of time.

      Maintains positive pressure and valves to prevent entrainment of contaminated room air – can be cleaned with a wipe down between patients.
      Vent circuit agnostic – exhalation valve is the only proprietary disposable and is easy to replace between patients.


      BDR-19™ with Optional Rolling Stand and Accessories